Good day, my salubrious cyclenauts! My bikefaced besties! My wizards and warriors of the weirdness that is the daily two-wheeled commute. What a lovely day it is! And hey, just for checking out today's blog?

You get a racoon on a tiny bicycle:


Gotta keep traffic up somehow, right?


With the coldest and wettest days behind us, we look forward to a new doomsday hell of climate change the likes of which this planet has never seen a fresh springtime start on the streets and in The Shop!

Business is kicking; the tracks are drying; the local peaks are finally melting, so it looks like you mountain bikers can finally reclaim your favorite lifts and trails from the snowfiends.

Unless you're into doing no handers off packed-ice kickers:

Which I right now officially decree across both time and space to be hencefore known as snowhanders. 

Man, sometimes I like the things I say.

Anyway and also, if—ahem—snowhanders are indeed your thing, you'd best get started now banking up that six-month prayer stack to the Norse gods of winter to ensure good snow next season. So far they seem to be pretty disinterested in our Midgardian weather-crises, but I'm optimistic. Though, our situation may call for a ritualistic sacrifice or two.

Just to be safe, ya know?

Onward to the news!

Courtesy of The League of American Cyclists - www.bikeleague.org

Last year, if you'll recall, we celebrated Bike to Work Day 2015 in true shoply fashion, setting up pop-up locations across our fair burg for all you fine folks.

As May is National Bike Month, we plan to keep the tradition alive and thriving on May 20th for the official Bike to Work Day alongside plenty of our favorite local cycling advocates.

Be sure to come check out MBR in true mobile style at:

  • Fremont — in front of the Yellow Dot Café at N 34th and Fremont Ave.
  • Fred Hutch — outside the Arnold building at the traffic circle
  • The Shop (of course!) — I mean, you know the place

We'll be hanging out from 6AM-9AM. Swing by and pick up some swag, coffee, and free adjustments for your gear!

It looks like Strava is organizing a similar deal with Global Bike to Work Day on May 10th, so if you dig on some social media with your active lifestyle, post up the evidence!

The more the merrier, as always. 


Speaking of which—


It's worth noting, friends, that along with the true start of the sunny cycling season comes a busier road ride. On average, the streets will be more densely packed with your fellow cyclists now than in the winter.

Varying levels of rider experience and overall bike-comfort will need to share what's often a slim amount of public space as it is. We're all trying to get to work/home/grandma's just like you, and, for better or worse, we're often in a hurry.

So, you know...


don't be a dick about it.



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