Listen up roadies:

The streets are dry(ish) and the sun is out (more often than not), sure signs that spring hath sprung here in the beautiful PacNorthwest and summer is right ‘round the bend. We’ve been doing some sizeable prep-work here at MBR to get good for the upcoming sunny season, ordering all sorts of new gear and revamping the fishbowl/zoo exhibit that is our bike shop.

Such shoply edits and snazzy additions will include:

  • a wider selection of bike frames, full setups, and assorted paraphernalia
  • a shiny new flatscreen (50” of sleek LCD goodness. Tour de France, anyone?)
  • a 12’ x 12’ wall fixture (i.e. most all of our wall space. Just kidding. But not really.) dedicated to our new favorite hobby: bike camping!

In the next few months, we’ll be posting a series on bicycle camping: the hows, the wheres, the whys and wherefores, and everything you’ll need to pack up and hit the road with nothing but some gear and your trusty steed. Don’t know where to start? What to buy? Where to camp? The nasty-factor of upfront costs? (Good news: it’s quite manageable, even on a blogger’s salary. No need to trade this week’s groceries for new panniers.) Just stop on by and chat us up; we’re here to help.

Also, there have been some rumblings around the shop of a group camping trip in the near future. More updates on that later...

In recent news, our kindred spirits at Convoy Coffee (@convoycoffee) stopped by MBR on Tax Day to help us all refuel with some free samples of their high quality roasts. Like MBR, the locally-owned and operated outfit prefers to keep things mobile.

Yeah. We dig their style. And the java’s pretty tasty, too.

Til next time, kiddies.



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