MAY THE FIFTH BE WITH YOU (not that kind of fifth)

Mornin’ campers! Happy Cinco!

(Alright, maybe that kind of fifth.)

Okay. We lied. The new MBR website is taking its sweet, sweet time. It. Not us. We have no control over it at this point. It’s grown a mind of its own. Thing’s sentient, for eff's sake. Nobody mention Skynet around it.

So it’ll be a little longer before she’s fully operational. But by the time your friends arrive...


Come on guys, yesterday was internationally recognized (probably) as Star Wars Day. You know, May the 4th? You didn’t think we’d let that slip past us did you?

In other news, our own Graig Hill is hard at work cutting together the inaugural video for our first ever instructional web series. We’ll be going over general methods of bike maintenance/upkeep, how to spot wear and tear, and a few basic tune up procedures.

Because you don’t want to look like this guy:

"I run on ingenuity and joie de vivre!"

The vid should be up and running in the next week or two.

And in case you forgot, Bike Month is officially upon us! If you haven’t celebrated yet, then clearly you’re doing it wrong.

And by “it”, I mean, like, life.

For the uninitiated, National Bike Month is all about promoting awareness for cycling and its long list of benefits, and the easiest way to celebrate during this hallowed Maius mensis (that’s “Month of May” for all two of you dead-language scholars out there) is by riding every day. No excuses! Ride everywhere: for your commute, for your grocery shopping, for your weekly trip to the local Blockbuster video to rent VHS tapes—everything. (Sorry Blockbuster and VHS tapes. We love and miss you.)

And be sure that if you only ride one day this month (though, you know, we recommend against that) it’s on May 15th, National Bike to Work Day. MBR will have a few extra locations to help cope with the increase in numbers. Come check us out:

View MBR Bike to Work Day Locations in a full screen map


 So help us spread the good word. For we are cyclists. And we are legion.





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