Today, we want to talk to you about bikegasms. No, not that. (But if that's your bag, then more power to you. Know that we're all jealous.)

And so but do you ever get that feeling...

...You know that feeling where the sun is shining big and beautiful on your ride home from work (or perhaps on your way to; sunrises are just as purdy yet always seem to get half the love), maybe it rained earlier in the day so the streets are still glistening in that very special Seattle way (but, you know, dry enough so that you don't wreck your noggin), and you hit that crest atop your favorite hill before you bomb down the face...

And you just think to yourself:


In that moment, that pristine instant of transcendence where everything just seems to wrap all around itself in one big ol' friendly blanket of awesome—human, nature, and machine together—until you forget where you are—forget what you are—for just five, ten seconds maybe. Within the confines of that perfect moment...

Things are pretty alright, aren't they?

You may have your own term for it, but here at MBR, we call it the bikegasm. And the elusive bikegasm, my friends, is exactly why we ride.

I can only imagine the spike in this yahoo's happy-meter starting around 2:00.

We want to remind you that there's nothing wrong with chasing down that moment every single day, especially when you feel like you're getting bogged down (jobs, debt, assorted weirdness, etc.). It's what makes us all human, really. And if you know where to look, that kind of stuff happens more often that you might realize.

"Happiness depends on ourselves," as Aristotle said.

Or maybe Bon Jovi. We're not really sure.

But anyhoo, bikes certainly don't hurt the process. Okay. Enough of that.

Happy bike month! Go ride!



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