As we’re sure you’ve noticed out there in Information Superhighway-land (Al Gore-ism dug up just for you 90s-folks—you’re welcome), the improvement process to our little downtown fishbowl we call home is unending and frequently fraught with fraughtness. Shipments get delayed, materials go scarce, and invoices get stuck in limbo (only occasionally requiring some baseball-bat-to-patella enforcement), so we don’t always have the time or resources to properly feng shui our living space. But every once in a while, a solution magically presents itself, much to the delight of a weary (and thirsty) shop crew that routinely slaves away under cover of concrete and rebar during the recent oh-so-pretty summer days.

The Shop has gone through many iterations since its establishment as the brick-and-mortar home of MBR operations last year, but few furniture additions have been as friggin’ cool (and surprisingly functional) as this.

Ladies, gents, and underrepresented middle-genders, I give you the MBR Bar:


“It’s eff-this-o’clock—pour me a vodka anything.”

Life really is all about the little things. Thanks be to the gods of Craigslist (who in this instance happened to be an almost-but-not-quite-shifty Everett resident named Chet), without whom this would not be possible.



And now the news! Don’t touch that dial! (And serious kudos if you’re actually reading this on something with dials.)

Quite the list of upcoming bikeish events, some involving more clothing, alcohol, riders-per-bicycle, and ambient lighting than others. Most of these require registragion, so get in on them ASAP. In chronological order, here are some things to take your bike to in June/July:



Fremont Solstice Parade (June 19-21; Naked Bike Ride June 20)

Personally, this blogger isn’t exactly what you’d call heat-friendly; I’m a cold weather creature by nature. My motto: you can always stack more layers, but you can’t get more unshod than nekkid.

But nekkid, in this case, is precisely what you'll want to be to properly partake in the cycling hoopla. Regardless of your blindingly lily-white complexion or yeti-ish degree of hirsuteness, you’re encouraged to join in, paint up, and cruise the streets of Fremont with your fellow enthusiasts. While not strictly a part of the parade, the naked bike ride is a mainstay of Solstice festivities and definitely our favorite feature of the weekend. Check here for details. (Note: Best question on FAQ page—"Will the paint come off?")


Red-Bell 100 (June 27)

This hair-above-a-century ride will take you through a hearty portion of the greater Seattle area, running clear from Bellingham to Redmond (Hm. Red-bell. I just got that.) through the forests and greenery for which the lovely PacNorthwest is known. In addition to being a sizeable challenge to your quads and calfmeat, the Red-Bell 100 raises funds for the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation and World Bicycle Relief, so your participation will benefit some laudable causes.

And don't worry. Food and drink (yes, the good kind) will await you at the finish line. Read more here and premap the ride here.



Northwest Tandem Bike Rally (July 2-6)

Tandem bikes were in for a long time. Then they were out. Then in and hip again. Then back to something only moms did with their five-year-olds on Sundays.

At the time of this writing, we've again reached the obverse of history's pendulum, which means that tandem bicycles are totally cool again (or at least growing in popularity) and bike events for two-per's only are standard fare. If tandem's your thing and you want to challenge yourself and a loved one you know, love, and literally trust with your life, hit up the Northwest Tandem Bike Rally in Bellingham and check their website here for info.


Seattle Night Ride (July 24)

Who doesn't love shiny and/or sparkly things at night? Fourth of July fireworks, Clark Griswold-style holiday lights, that bean thing in Chicago lit by the PM skyline? People without vital signs, that's who.

Check out the Seattle Night Ride for a very-doable 14-mile jaunt around Lake Union from Gasworks Park to the finish line at Peddler Brewing Company. Everyone's sure to have their best bedazzled gear, so dust off those Christmas light boxes (or, like, some well-placed tinfoil) and strap it to the steed for maximum enjoyment. Read more here.


Thanks y'all. Til next time.


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