Happy New Year, loyal cyclenauts! Fairest bikenuts! Brave and battle-hardened cold weather commuters!

Hope the ham roasts, tofurkeys, and John Madden-sized turduckens gave you the necessary insulation and meat-Nitro to slog through some mud puddles. Those black ice crevasses spreading across the streets of our West Coast burg have given me actual pause in recent weeks, so serious respect to any of you that had the chutzpah to put your ass in the saddle, especially during that one stretch in the mid-to-high 20s.

I know, I know. We ain’t got nothin’ on Minnesota. But come on. Snow tires are expensive, and I’m not 1/8th moose.

This guy looks ready though:

Sweet bucket, polarcub. Safety first.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three months, you might have missed a few changes around the shop and —*gasp*


Slick new interface, fresh logo, and a more readable blog-type experience? (Because nobody actually uses Ctrl +/-) Yeah, we really done outdone ourselves, we think.

So feel free to peruse about our new digital digs. I highly recommend you wander over to the super duper clearance page where all bikes are 30% off! Gotta burn that holiday green somehow. Why not cash it in for a snazzy new ride? You know you wanna...


To kick things off in the big One Six, we’d like to begin with some local cycling news of the fun and inspirational type.

Those creative badasses and all-around cycling goodguys over at Point 83 are really starting year off right. If you managed to catch their caravan heading up to Golden Gardens last night, you might have come across some incongruous and wholly out of place images like this:

or this:


I can already hear you mumbling across the Internet ether at your monitors/phones: “Are those freaking Christmas trees?”

Well, I don’t know about you, dear readers, but for my money, the best way to gird ourselves against the oncoming unknowns of 2016 and celebrate the joy and love of our shared human experience is by

—you guessed it—

lighting stuff on fire.

Check it:

Photo credit to Mordac.org by way of www.Point83.com

If that doesn’t warm your heart and/or your loins, then you’re in all likelihood a soulless, knuckle-dragging bridge troll. Seek a shaman immediately.


“The f*%#, man?”

Oh. Sorry, buddy. Not you. You’re cool.

Here’s to an exceptional 2016! Be well, and if the new year starts to get you down, try not to be such a troll about it.



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